2023 Park County Junior Livestock Sale

2023 Park County Junior Livestock Sale

How It Works: 

Click “Login/Register” in the top right corner to create an account. Enter all your information including credit card to be authorized (regardless of actual payment method).

Keep track of your username and password for next year. Anyone or anything that you give this information to, will be able to login as you and bid on your behalf. You will be responsible to pay all invoices. 

Only add-ons can be done online. There is no online bidding for the auction. 

Click “Park County Junior Livestock Sale” then click “View Lot Details Now” once you find the kid, you’d like to give an add-on to. 

Click “Donate” and enter an amount. $25 is the minimum amount you can add-on. Then click “Donate” and “Make a Donation”. 

Add-ons are allowed on all lots. The minimum amount is $25. The maximum amount is the bidder’s choice. All add-ons will be invoiced and charged with the credit card on file plus 3.25%.

All donations/add-ons are completed online only and charged to the bidders credit card on file plus a 3.25% convenience fee. Bidders can check themselves out in their account online or PCJLS will manually charge cards once add-on time has expired. 

655 East 5th ST, Powell, Wyoming 82435